HRSI Board

HRSI has an advisory Board, comprised of former HRSI staff and people who have a close working relationship with HRSI. The Board helps the incumbent staff by offering advice, guidance, and expertise on various issues. Each month, Board members meet with the HRSI staff to receive updates on HRSI's ongoing and upcoming projects, and provide feedback on them. The members of the Board are:

Magda Adamowicz, graduate of the CEU Nationalism Studies Program in 2002, HRSI Fellow 2002-2003. Magda is Polish, an economist by training and a human rights activist by spirit. She has started her activism with the human rights theater in her native town Gdansk and continued with student activism, vigorously advocating for Polish accession to the EU. After HRSI she has joined the Open Society Foundations, first in the Roma Culture Program, and then at the Human Rights and Governance Grants Program where she was responsible for a grant-making in the South Caucasus and Mongolia. Magda is now working at the Open Society Human Rights Initiative, and she is responsible for a global portfolio on security and protection of human rights defenders. She works closely with various human rights defenders groups, networks and communities, including women defenders, land and environmental rights activists. Magda is passionate about HRSI, as well as street art and all outdoor sports.

Dániel Baranya, born in Hungary holds a BA in Political Science from Eötvös Loránd University and an MA in International Relations and European Studies from Central European University. He worked at the Human RightS Initiative during the academic year 2014/2015 and was primarily responsible for launching and developing the Student Community Engagement Program and creating various volunteering opportunities for the CEU community at Hungarian organizations and institutions. He has worked as a translator for several years and is currently a consultant at a firm dealing with EU funds, project management and communication.

Simona Gamonte, born in Romania, graduated from CEU's Gender Studies Department in 2013. During 2013-2014, Simona completed her Research Fellowship within Human RightS Initiative. Following her fellowship, she became HRSI's Program Coordinator for two years in a row (2014-2016). She is especially passionate about women's rights, LGBTQI rights, minority rights, environment and the rights of people living with disabilities.






Georgeta Munteanu has been working with HRSI in several projects throughout the years. She is currently acting as the manager and director of the Roma Access Programs, which she joined in early 2011, initially as a coordinator and later as the manager of the program. Before joining the Roma Access Program, Georgeta interned within the European Roma Rights Center and the European Commission. Early in 2002, Georgeta started to volunteer within local human rights organizations working in the Roma field and was involved in organizing charity events and study trips in Romania.

Maja Skalar, born in Slovenia, presently the Program Coordinator for the Visiting Research Fellowship and the Modular Doctoral Program at the Yehuda Elkana Center for Higher Education at Central European University, holds a BA in Policy Analysis and Public Administration from University of Ljubljana and an MA in Human Rights from CEU (2010). In 2011 she worked as a Research Fellow at Human RightS Initiative. From 2012-2014 she was a Program Assistant at CEU School of Public Policy's Global Policy Academy, and for two academic years also an Internship Coordinator for Public Policy MA students. Her interests are human rights, education and the merge of the two in all its creativeness.