Social Sensitivity Training

Social Sensitivity Training
Two groups of  12-13 year old students of the Tatra Teri Elementary School participate in our Social Sensitivity Training program this semester and welcome volunteers from CEU. This program is open to those members of the CEU community who have a working knowledge of Hungarian.

We will have 8 sessions with the children, focusing on topics like tolerance, responsibility and the importance of education. HRSI is responsible for developing the content of the sessions, however, the contribution of the volunteers is encouraged.

The sessions will take place on Mondays on every second week starting from February 27 from 11.00-11.45 and 12.00-12.45. It is possible to participate occasionally, even at only one or two sessions, or on a regular basis.

The school is located in District XX., Tatra ter 1., 40 minutes from CEU with public transportation.
We encourage you to apply as a volunteer, because this is a great opporunity to help and inspire disadvantaged children and to support their school performance.

In case you wish to apply or have any further questions, please send an email to