Spanish Tutoring

Spanish Tutoring
Groups of students of Imre Madách Secondary School with intermediate and advanced knowledge of Spanish welcome Spanish-speaking volunteers of the CEU community to chat or hold short presentations about various topics. Volunteers are encouraged to prepare a short, 20-30 minutes long presentation about their culture, region or about their personal or professional interests.

It is possible to participate occasionally, even at only one or two sessions, or on a regular basis. Volunteers have the chance to choose between different time slots each week based on their availability. It is required to sign up and discuss the choosen topic with Agnes or Edit, the Spanish teacher two weeks prior to the session concerned.

We encourage you to apply as a volunteer, because this is a great opportunity to meet with local communities and to engage in discussions with Hungarian students. You can broaden their horizons, motivate and help them to develop their Spanish skills.

The school is only 20 minutes from CEU with a M2 and 30 minutes on foot.

In case you wish to apply or have any further questions, please send an email to