Film Screening Culorile (The Colors)

November 30, 2015 - 17:30 - 18:50
Oktober 6. u. 7
Oktober Hall
Event type: 
Film Screening
Event audience: 
CEU Community + Invited Guests
Human RightS Initiative (HRSI)
Film Screening Culorile (The Colors)

Culorile (the Colors) is a raising awareness film that explores different forms of domestic violence and their manifestations. It focuses, in particular on psychological violence which manifest itself through instilling or attempting to instill fear. For example: intimidation, threatening physical harm to self, victim, and/or others, threatening to harm and/or kidnap children, menacing, blackmail, harassment, destruction of pets and property, mind games, stalking.

Also, it can take the form of isolating or attempting to isolate victim from friends, family, school, and/or work. For example: withholding access to phone and/or transportation, undermining victim's personal relationships, harassing others, constant "checking up,” constant accompaniment.