"Rethinking Homelessness" Campaign 2: Events and Activities

April 4, 2017 - 09:00 - April 28, 2017 - 19:00
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Social Events
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Open to the Public
"Rethinking Homelessness" Campaign 2: Events and Activities

Dear CEU Community,

Let’s keep up the CEU spirit of caring and contributing towards the community around us in Budapest even during this difficult period!

Human RightS Initiative would like to invite you to join us in the following events and activities as part of our ongoing Rethinking Homelessness campaign. The campaign aims to raise awareness about homelessness as a human rights issue, and to support local groups who are working for the cause. We believe that compassion and understanding are the first steps that every individual can take to direct policy makers and our society towards a dignity- and human rights-based approach to the issue.


1. “Rethinking Homelessness” Exhibition

4 Apr, Tue – 28 Apr, Fri | Nador 15 Lower Foyer (Basement)

The exhibition is composed of two sections:

Paintings and drawings by homeless artists

The artworks are provided by Fedél Nélkül / Without a Roof, a magazine that publishes creative works by homeless people. The magazine is run by Menhely Alapítvány / The Shelter Foundation, an organization that provides practical support for homeless people in Budapest in various ways.


Homeless of Budapest” project

Inspired by “Humans of New York”, the mutation of this project has come to life in several other cities, among others, in Budapest. The project focuses on a very special group of city dwellers, who could be called ’the real city dwellers’, since while most of us live in flats in the city, these people’s home is the city itself. The project features street portraits and personal stories of homeless people. The only purpose of the project is to present a portrait of some homeless people, hoping that it could be thought-provoking for others who are lucky enough to have roof over their heads.


2. Volunteering session with Budapest Bike Maffia

(co-organized with Student Leadership and Services Office)

10 Apr, Mon 6pm-9.30pm

Join us in a weekly “Vitamin Commando” session of Budapest Bike Maffia, one of the coolest charity organizations in town! We will prepare and deliver food to homeless people and other people in need around town.

Food preparation will last until 8pm, and it is optional to join the delivery bicycle ride (8-9.30pm).

It is possible to join the food preparation without a bicycle, or if you do not want to cycle.

It is not compulsory to stay until the end of the session; you can leave whenever you need.

Please sign up to get more details by writing to hrsi@ceu.edu by Thu 6 Apr.


3. Sanitary Pad and Tampon Donation for Homeless Women

(collaboration with Társaság egy Tudatos Társadalomért (TETT) - Project “Homelessness doesn’t stop periods!”)

4 Apr, Tue – 28 Apr, Fri | Ground floor passageway between Nador 11 and 13 buildings

The donation drive is back to CEU!

 TETT/Collective for a Conscious Society was formed by young activists in 2013, focusing on topics such as feminism, homophobia and anti-capitalism. They are a group of young people who want to raise awareness about the situation of homeless women in Budapest.

The project collects sanitary pads and tampons in different locations around Budapest. These products are essential supplies, yet are too expensive to be accessible to everyone. Since there is no governmental support for this issue, the group relies on the help of the community to make menstruation easier for homeless women. With the support of Homeless Women’s Alliance of Budapest (HaNEM), the donations will be distributed as soon as possible to those in need.

In CEU, please look for the donation box near the HRSI noticeboard (please note the new location). You can donate sanitary pads and tampons of any brand or size as long as they are individually sealed. Please note that pads are much more needed, and maxi-sized pads or even incontinence napkins would be the best.

Let’s make menstruation an experience of dignity for homeless women!


Please join the campaign's Facebook page. Hope to see many of you there.

Best regards,